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October 25, 2011

So...There are 10 days until my craft show...I know I should be estatic, But I'm freaking out like no ones business... I still have a whole slew of things to do, and designs I wanted to try that I haven't even implimented yet... So I decided to peruse Twitter for a while, ya know to try and calm down my anxiety attack. I have been reading qqueen of hearts since my chictopia days...I can't believe I didn't find her twitter  until today...
 That's what I love about Twitter. Its a quick and easy way to talk to people you normally wouldn't even be able to. I always feel super geeked and hyped when People I tweet, reply/mention me..

I nearly fainted when these amazing ladies replied, and when @Strumpetcrafts followed me back, I ran around in a circle inside of my room, looking like a crazy person.  I'm sure if someone could see through my window, they would have called the insane asylum.  I was able to pick up the final piece to my costume today after getting my hair done and work... So I decided to take a sneak peak pic for you guys...Because I can't keep a secret to save my soul. Plus the dance is only like 3 more days away....Much too Far away!
I love it when you guys talk to me ok?? So reply to my twitter, and tell me what you guys think my costume is ok???

 P.S. Helping X get her mix tape together, super excited, if you guys like lyrical rap check her out!

Mistress Spokhette OUT

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