Girl's day out.

October 6, 2011

 Today I went out to breakfast and had a lovely time, and from there met my best friend Layla! and we had ourselves a little us time. We were tired, of the stresses and the boys, and decide to let it roll of our shoulders. 
 Our first stop was Spirit: the halloween store. I picked up a military hat for my costume...It's a secret what I'm going to be, so you guys won't know until I unveil it on the 28th! Here's a picture of that.
This is my look for the day: I used both Jumbo pencil's from Sephora.
 Here starts my Haul!
Then We went to Ulta. It was my first time going there, I was so extremely excited, I was like a little kid in the candy store! I now know why my dad loves going to Meijers, it's like a Meijer's of MAKEUP! It's amazing! I also Signed up for their rewards card!
Set the Nude: Ulta Nail Polish! On sale for $2
 Tutu Cute: Ulta Nail Polish!
Essence: Quattro Rock Angel $2.99

Essence: Colour & Shine : Joyride to Jupiter  $ 2.99
Nyx: Jumbo Eye Pencil: Strawberry Milk $4.49

P.S. Do not be disappointed! I am currently dressing myself in Garb for the tutorial I owe you. Look for it soon. I promise I didn't forget about...

Mistress Spokhette Out!

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