Mini Diana Goes on her first adventure.

October 30, 2011

 I can't wait to tell you guys all about my wonderful weekend. Fortunately, my weekend is not over yet!! Completely pissed off about the fact that my beloved school got rid of my BELOVED pool tables!! So I thought I would tell you about my purchases today...While waiting for the time to see The thing ( Scary movie remake) which was beyond ridiculous... I went out with the girls ( Layla, Katie, Sarah and Bri.) and We went shopping... Thanks to all the amazing blogs that I read, I wanted to take a stab at lomography. So meet my newest camera. Her name is Mini Diana. And she's amazing...I can take full square photos and half square photos, which I can add to the same exposure/frame to create multi-pictures in one! I am so excited to start working with this bad girl, I have already taken some pictures. I can fit 72 photos on my roll of film. The film I'm using is an ISO800.

 We also went into Victoria Secret, where I was measured, and purchased a VS Bombshell pallette, which was still in its box. It wasn't until I got home, that I realized the palette inside the box, was ruined! The Mirror was cracked, the connections to the different layers were cracked, several of the eyeshadows were ruined, it was just a mess, So I will definitely be taking it back to the store, and they will be getting a stern letter from me.  I also went to Yagoot for the very first time.  I expected it to be like ice cream. It was cold like Ice cream, but the flavor was too awkward with the topping choice I made. 
I also heaed over to Matt + Guerrins' for a videogame/costume party. *eyeroll* Lots of fun and Drama had by all. 

 Mistress Out,


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