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September 26, 2011

 Hello everyone! I know my entries are all kinds of sporadic but I am here to tell you that its going to change! I stayed up late last night putting together a schedule for this blog.  I am one of those people, who keeps everything organized but still has issues keeping up. I'm hoping that this hiatus from school, gave me enough to time to hone my organization skills for the upcoming school year! The one thing I love doing is helping other people get organized. When I was younger, and wanted to hang out with my friends, my only serious obstacle was their room. The Dreaded" She can't come over, if your room wasn't clean." Usually that wouldn't be an issue for most people.
 But my friends and I were I hate to say it, "cavewomen."  It would take days! Maybe even weeks before I could come over. So I started doing what most people wouldn't. Helping them clean. My response to their mothers would be let me help them. *secret* I adored helping them organized, it was such a refreshing feeling when they would call me a week later and be like hey, that shelving unit idea really helped. Thanks.
 But I'm starting to get side tracked.  So as I was saying earlier, I decided to start a routine. So here's a tentative schedule for the blog for the next coming weeks...

Glimpse + Glimmer Mondays:
 What used to be inside the mistress ( I had to change the name because it just sounds so dirty) Basically the gist is just photos of what I did the following week, and things that interested me about the blogosphore.  Which I will be putting up a little after this and I can show you guys my magnificent haul I got at the liquidation sale!

HHM Tuesdays:
  Every other Tuesday I will be uploading anything related to video gaming. Whether, it be my latest accomplishment or a review, it will be game related I promise! Everything from Professor Layton, to pokemon!

Work In Progress Wednesdays:
 Where I show you my studio and what I'm working on for this week. I can't wait for this wednesday so I can show you guys all the progress I'm making!

Sun Antoinette Thursdays:
 I am part of a makeup collaboration group called the Sunday Antoinettes. We have seven girls and on each girl's day, We give makeup tutorials, reviews and little insights to our lives. Our blog  and channel can be found here. I will be taking my videos and posting them on my blog with a little blurb about how I created it.

Face Friday:
  Taking a page from Keiko, and will be uploading Tutorials on Friday! I think I will switch it up. One week will be a youtube video tutorial, which I always make and then the next week will be a written one with  step by step instructions and photos. 

 I hope you guys enjoyed my little blurb about my new schedule, and I'm hoping you guys will keep me motivated!!! Thanks for reading!

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