February 28, 2010

  So...We finally rescheduled the talent show. It's the 1st of March! Which is freaking tomorrow! I don't know what I'm going to wear, I still haven't decided what to sing. I haven't burned the cd. I haven't done anything really except laundry and homework, which is great but now I'm starting to get clammy like when I'm on a date for the first time with someone new or when I'm in class and the teacher calls on me knowing damn well I don't know the answer and I have to make up some bullshit response and they give me this look like I know that's not right, but I'm going to let it slide.
  It comes from not being prepared, it's kind of like, my stomach drops and I take little huffy breaths and my hands sweat and shake, and my toes tingle. Does that make me weird?? That certain things make my body feel like a vibrator?? Speaking of Vibrators...I have sworn off boys. This week has just been so bad, that I have completely sworn off the opposite sex. I can feel Parker cringing as we speak but it is what it is. I'm just soo tired of being used that I have lost my faith in men in General.
  And refering to in general, I had THE weirdest day ever! I get up mega early and go down to have the lunch so I'm in my cute pajama's and on my way to the cafeteria when I'm herded off into the outside lobby because some dumb ass has blown a fuse and the fire alarm has gone off! So, I'm outside freezing my ass off with Claire and Emily, waiting for them to let us back into the building. They were on their way to the library to go to work and apparently that's where the problem was. A transformer blew in the library which is where the internet and computer supplies is kept, meaning that we didn't have internet for a whole day and a half, I honestly don't understand how I survived. Like I was just doing the most asinine things to keep myself busy and when I was done, it was only time for lunch. It was horrible. I'm really sad to find that I'm addicted to the internet but it's even worse that I can't find something to do when it's not here.
  So Emily and I played pool, were soon joined by Kris and CJ, and this just proved how out of it I was without internet, that we were sitting there watching wrestling and Basketball, not bits and pieces mind you but the whole fucking thing, and I know who were playing! As if watching wasn't bad enough. Lmao. My friend Cooper, has discovered that there might be a shred of proof that percentages of Stephanie Meyer's profits may be going to anit-gay campaigns. I really hope not, I'm going to look up on it but if it turns out to be true, then she should watch out, because I don't think she knows what she will wind up releasing...
 Speaking of releasing! I have my very first crochet order!! Yes you heard me! I am to create an African themed beanie! With stripes instead of patches. $6.50 I'm sooo excited!  I've already started, but I have to wait for him to come back on campus so I can measure him, I don't want it to be too big haha. And if you would like one just email me. alicehatter1891@gmail.com.
  I'm sad, I was in the mood to add to my stories but I can't find Just Me on my laptop. The one that I'm really far in, and has a catpeople theme? Yeah, the really good one, that's the one I can't seem to find. It's kind of making me depressed. haha. So I helped U-la babysit her nieces last night, they were soo adorable! The baby kept staring at me though, It was probably because I was new. Now I'm going to go work out.


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