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February 2, 2010

  So, I need an extracurricular activity to keep myself busy. So I'm going to apply for an empty slot on the college Dateline! The dateline is the college newspaper. It is Monthly and completely black and white. The articles are mostly by frequent contributors, but I am hoping for a more permanent position because of the whole dance team thing falling through.
  So, my friend Michael txt messaged me and we've been talking for a while. He asked to look at my photos, so I logged into my myspace, and waited to add him...When I spy my best friend of 6 years, with a whole slew of new photos I didn't know about, where she's with a whole 'nother black girl, doing the same poses that we used to do.
  Now, normally i would say that this is awesome and I'm happy she's making friends if she was doing it the right way. But I haven't seen Bridget since November, She didn't bother to help me pack to move to my dorm, In fact, I haven't even heard from her in 2 whole months. Whenever I ask if she wants to meet up, she's always busy, now I know why... But that's cool, just shows me who my real friends are...


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