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February 9, 2010

Saturday, January 30th, 2010
Day Two
  So, I didn't wake up until close to noon, because I was up all night, raving and playing video games. So, By the time I started rolling out of bed, Clare and her family were already up and moving! Her mother sews, which puts her up top in my book! Anyone who sews or does some type of needle crafting is a-okay in my book! So, I took a shower, got dressed and got ready to head to Anime Jeapordy, my first panel! 
  And Just because it's me, I get there super massively early...and sit and sit and sit somemore. They choose the participants by guessing the number closest to the host's number, I was off by two and the three that got the right answer were so stupid! They were missing the answers to the simplest questions! So, hopefully next time they'll choose the contestants by like a quiz of intelligence and not lucky number guessing, I was not happy about not getting to play! But because I was there so freakin' early, the host gave me a prize of 3 buttons from his bag that I could choose, I was so excited, the Purse I bought is now covered in the buttons i bought, through out the entire trip.
  1. Anime Jepordy-The worst game of Jeapoardy played EVER! The audience won! We had 16 and the contestant that came in 1st place only had 3...So we should have gotten the prize but its cool...I got buttons out of it.
  2. Anime Blogging 101-My second panel...was a little bit better, hosted by Cj Blackwing of Borderline Hikikomori fame. She totally B.S.Ed the first 20 minutes, but I had to hand it to her, being homeschooled like moi, and finding time to run a highly successful anime blog, and conducting her little minions, to do her bidding. For that I give her aces! I learned a lot, but the premise was extremely yawn worthy, so I didn't stay for 102...Part of me wishes I did, the other half still says fuck it. Visit, and comment, they like that stuff.
  3. Massive Shopping- Dealers room- bought a really cute chinese-inspired shirt, with slits on the side...I wore it to the second rave/Ohayocon dance...Which was really fun! Bought an onigiri pillow, which has a bell inside that shakes, when you shake it! hahah, Wish they had some asian fabric I could have bought back to sew with, but it is what it is...
  4. Ohayocon Dance/Rave-So, I attended this one, with Jess and Kiersten! It was totally worth the almost 2 hour wait! Next year, we get to have the ballroom, so we won't have to worry about doing that really stupid cycling thing, you wait 2 hours to get in...One hour to dance, and then you leave..I only let it slide because it was my first rave and con, don't think ya'll can pull that shit again next year...I think not! I will not allow it!  But I danced with 3 guys tonight, and had one tell me i was a beautiful woman, that made my night! It's not every day that I hear someone telling me that I'm beautiful...Who knew the neko girls could down like that? A whole grind-line? Who knew they rolled like that...Not me that's for sure.
If you'd like to see the photos just visit this link:http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=14763&id=100000113016754&l=ec86c3aee5



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