February 1, 2010

  • Blue is the color of the sky
  • Yellow is the sun
  • Green is my favorite color, any and all types of green. It is also said to be the color of intelligence and genius.
  • Red reminds me of blood, of Egypts red nile
  • White should be the color of applause at the talent show. E. and I should wear green, we both look good in green. 
  • M. died his hair black, he's really sexy, but I think he looked smokin' hot with brown hair when I met him.
  • I'm thinking of getting blonde highlights. Brown should be the color of happiness. It's a result created by all other colors which would point to the fact that if everyone could come together we could all be happy.
  • Grey are the colour of my pants. I love blending makeup becase it just like creating my very own color! Today it is Forest green and grey blue! It's a very pretty colour. I wounder why Britain spells colour with a u and we don't? Maybe we just want to be different may be that's why we created the colonies, so we could create our own color!
  • We shouldn't care about the color of someone else's skin! Color is all about the surface, and therefore is only skin deep and since it's only skin deep, we should are about whats on the inside of a person because the inside permeate's through in an aura and people should look past that.


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