Whatever happened to freedom of the 5 dollar bill?

February 3, 2010

 So, today, I restarted my youtube account, by uploading two videos, in the last 4 months...Make that one video and one without sound... They say I am breaking some kind of law, by playing the music...But it's totally legit! I paid 5 bucks for the music used in my video, I didn't download it, so why shouldn't I be allowed to use it?? Youtube officially sucks for that one by the way...
  Officially the best day I've had since OHayocon...Written Word has been cancelled, poor Buffy, I hope she's okay, but that means I don't have to scramble to do the homework! I have all....weekend. Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and it'll probably be due monday...But it's so nice, all this extra time. So I'm going to spend it creating new vids for youtube, including an Ohayocon slideshow, videography, is what I do, it's one of my favorite past times, and I can't wait to show you hao great I am at it! Once It;s finished I will upload it on here. Until then...


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