I remember

April 23, 2010

  I remember living at my Grandmother's and eating mayonaisse sandwiches. I remember how scared I was when my dad threw my desk through my window. I remember how shocked I was when I had my first date. I remember how scared I was at my Junior recital. I remember the sinking feeling that came over my stomach when Houlteete asked for the homework assignment I couldn't print out, I remember the surprise when I woke up in Chike's Bed...I remember arguing with Katie at Kings' Island because she thought that I was coming down on Paris Hilton abnormally hard, she called it jealousy, HAH!
  I remember worrying I wouldn't be able to get my books on time, I remember wanting to be a Prima ballerina and wishing that I could lead the Moscow ballet. I remember wanting to be a professional tap dancer and lead the Rockettes. I remember that Judy Link's dance Studio is filled with untalented teachers, and racist undertones. I remember Whitney and I strayed form the Freshman routine. I remember helping Rachel clean her room, and helping her find a 24 karat gold earring that she'd been searching for four long years.
  I remember wishing that I could learn how to sew, so I wouldn't be so disappointed when my mother would take me shopping and I couldn't find pants that fit. I remember my very first episode of Scooby Doo. He was a puppy and they were at the commander cool convention. I remember how excited I was when I finished my 1st cosplay costume and how even more excited I was when I won second place. I remember the feeling of Euphoria I get when I have my digital camera between my fingers. I remember the embarrassment when I was praised on my video scrapbook.
  I remember the happiness I had when I received my first check. I remember how excited I was when I got my first job. How happy I was for my cousin when she told me she as running the senate at school. I remember how Gi and I were bawling when it came time for them to leave my dorm room. I remember the emptiness of just staring into space, when I'd first moved in and didn't know anyone.
  I remember the Smirk on my face, when I beat my father in chess...twice in a row. I remember the laughter when Pannico moved chess pieces around with his nose, instead of chewing on them, and how he helped me avoid getting my queen jumped. I remember the pain when I won the race, and tore my knee in the process. I remember yelling and fighting with Beck's.

~I Remember~


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