What does Mc Frontalot and I have in common?

April 27, 2010

   We're both Sick! Last night putting my netflix subcription to work, discovered a documentary on NerdCore. Now if they're are any fans reading this, I know that I'm lame for not coming across it earlier, but in my defense I had Which MC was that on my mp3 player long before I heard about the rest of the movement, So I basically just raided his cache of music and am uploading it to my MP3 player while I'm typing this. So still watching NerdCore Rising, I have begun to harbor a crush for Blak Lotus. Not only is his name sexy as hell, but so is he which is a total plus!
   Alas, I am very easily distracted if you guys hadn't noticed yet. for this being my 61st entry, you guys aren't very observant lol. But I love you anyway. So back to the topic at hand. I am SICK! It is horrible! I woke up early enough to get to class on time and then it hit me, hard! It felt like a 18 ton pile of bricks just popped out of nowhere with a cold dish of revenge and punched me in the gut! It was so painful! My stomach was like permanently puckered and I threw up not once but 3 times! I wasn't even able to completely stay in class. I made it through the attendance roll call and then ran like a ghost was after me, straight to the bathroom where I upchucked my medicine. It fucking sucked. I began to feel like a Cpu, without a fan, I was overheating and it was the worst feeling I've ever felt, even worse then when Pannico trapped my hand in the wooden door, that was bad, I fainted on the spot. I'm not really good with pain if you couldn't already tell.
   So because my professor is not a completely heart deprived individual he let me go back home (a.k.a. my dorm room) and I collapsed on my bed, and slept and when I woke up I felt so much better! Of course my class was at 8:15 and I woke up around 12 something. So now, I'm up and ready to get stuff done! Thursday is my last day of fresh sem and that is when my 3-5 page essay is due! Which sucks because I haven't even started on it yet, and I really don't want to , but if I don't then my grade drops and I can't have it drop any lower than it already is!!!!!!!!!
    At least I don't have too many actual exams. I have an exam + a concert review in Masterworks of Music. I have an exam + a final essay which is like 5 pages long! in Intro to Sociology. I have a final essay due in Written Word. I have a final essay due in World Civ. I have a final essay + 3 copies, plus a movie in Freshman Seminar. I think I speak for every freshman when I say, WE FUCKING HATE THIS CLASS! THANKS FOR THE WAsTE OF TImE COLLEGE YOU FUCKING RULE!" I'm done ranting now.



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