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February 27, 2008

So yesterday my hip hop class did pull through apparently, the snow stopped for no apparent reason. So when I got there I was first because my sister has class before I do. Then when it was time for class every single dancer was there. I was so happy. Because when someone is missing then it is hard for Amanda to teach us the part. And to move on and maybe learn a little more of our hip hop recital dance.
Anyway, When we finally got in there, the Studio is always over run with hyper children, Amanda decided to teach us the very beginning of our dance. I must warn you we look good! Our moves are tight and I can't wait to see our costumes, the way the dance hides our face I think we should have worn a fedora and suit-like costumes but apparently nobody asked me. Lets see what else? Oh! Today is our separate groups at the library. I have a crochet group and my sister has a doll group. Hmm, I feel like I'm forgetting something but I can't quite remember what it is.
So the other day I tried to explain the lure of Asian Culture to my aunts. It didn't work so well. In fact, they think I'm weirder now, then I was before so needless to say it was a bust. I was telling them about the conventions and things and cosplay and such and my aunt was like" Let me get this straight, There are other Gabby's in the world?" I rolled my eyes, she makes me sound like some kind of freak!
Weasels get a bum rap, don't you agree Harold? I mean I don't seem sneaky, coniving or homicidal to you eh?- The Weasel, Return to Howliday Inn by James Howe


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