Freak out!

February 28, 2008

College is totally wearing me thin and I'm not even a senior yet! Its just that itching concept that sometime soon I'm going to have to choose is killing Me! See originally it was an easy choice because I wanted to study Anthropology. Then, Mom said that was too narrow and I should just switch to history. The only problem is there are like 50 Million Kajillion Colleges that have general history as a major thus making my choice even harder than before.
However, she's right. :( I don't want to box myself in and thus the internet search begins. I want to be far away from where I am now as possible and still be able to speak my native language... ENGLISH! Thus narrows it down to anything in the United States, United Kingdom, and Anywhere else. (didn't really like geography):P So what do I do? A calm cool collected teenager with the body of a goddess and the mind of a infallible scientist? lol I research. I've decided to go through a search of the internet with my handy dandy mother and college guide books.
Just in case you didn't get it that's from Blue's Clues. lol.


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