Another day

February 28, 2008

Another day spent having fun. It's almost like it's too good to be true. Spent another 2 mins creating another txt message dat I no Ill neva send. It sounds so depressing and pathetic when you say it aloud. I wonder if he'll ever love me? Kyana is such a cool friend! I'm so lucky to have her! WE've been friends 4 almost 4 years! It's awesome. We were a close knit group; Kyana, Kari, Desirae and I. If only we could have kept it up. But no... Desirae had to be held bak a year and Kari had to disappear off the face of the earth.
But I guess it's all good. Kyana and I will start college in the same year & She and
I swore we'd keep in touch. It's great to have Friends in your life like her!


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