Comics Roundup #3: Free Comic Book Day and Snuggles at the Drive In.

May 12, 2014

 Hello Lovelies,
   This past Saturday was Free Comic Book Day. It was a great day. The weather could have been a little bit warmer since it was the start of may, and the shop we decided to go to, made the "super awesome" decision to host it's 50 cent comic book sale in a tent outside, I'm shocked people, the tents and comics weren't blown away, the winds were so strong I was honestly waiting to look up from my box and see the tent rolling down the road resembling tumbleweed.
   Every Comic in the tent was 50 cent a piece, and it wasn't like it was boxes upon boxes of shitty comics either, I got some serious Grade A number ones! All in All I spent about 50 bucks. I have a Fuck ton of comics to get through now, I might actually need to get a new comic box. I separated the comics into three piles. #1's, The Rest, and Free. I have a total of Four #1's written by Gail Simone in my collection (She's my Favorite) I love my sister to death, and although she has a huge soft spot in her heart for Batman, comic books aren't really her scene. I took her with me and Alex, because it was free comic day and I felt like it really should have been a family day, BUT she complained the whole time we were in the tent. It got to the point to where she left her comics with me, and just sat in the car, and I didn't even get half way through all the boxes they had available, before her and Alex both complained! Next time, I'll go by my damn self.
  After that, we went to our regular comic shop to pick up my regulars, but some of them weren't THERE! I love my regular shop, but if I don't get there on Wednesday I can pretty much kiss them goodbye... It makes me sad, that to keep up with my regular rotation, sometimes I have to stop by other shops, and it totally makes me feel unloyal. So once I caught up on a good portion of my regulars and started a new one (Rocky and Bullwinkle) Alex and I headed to the Drive in!
  We were totally excited about a double feature of  The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and RoboCop. However, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 didn't live up to my expectations, (No Spoilers promise) A lot of things happened that I didn't like, and even though it followed the comic, I didn't like how they did it, sadly, it just didn't do it for me. Don't even get me started on Robocop, the Only reason we stayed was because I knew Alex really really wanted to see it. (He's such an adorable dork.) All in All, it was a fun experience, he enjoyed himself, pretty much cementing the decision that we'll be back very soon! We took his inflatable mattress and all of my bed linens we were mighty comfortable!

 Stay Nerdy!


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