Handheld Mistress #24: What's in my Yoshi Bag?!

May 6, 2014

  Since I'm only working one job at the moment it's given me plenty of extra free time. Time to spend with Alex, time to spend playing video games, and more time to write about it! I'm always up for getting more organized. So I went out to Best Buy with Alex and picked up a Yoshi 3DS pouch. It has two zippers, and a mesh pouch. I keep all of the games that I play the most often in the mesh pouch. Right now those are:
- Project X Zone
- Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance
- Professor Layton: Miracle Mask
- Dead or Alive: Dimensions
- Batman Arkham Origins: Blackgate
- NEW Super Mario Bros.
- Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
- Professor Layton: Last Specter
- Metal Slug 7
- Tetris Axis
- Pokemon X
- Professor Layton: Diabolical Box
- Doctor Lautrec and Paris Knights.
- The World Ends With You
     I really love this particular pouch, because it's not trying to be a purse. It is compact enough to keep everything I need to fully enjoy my 3DSXL on the Go! I don't have to worry about losing or leaving something somewhere, everything is in its spot and I can pick it up and drop it in my purse and keep it moving, which is good because I am forever on the go.

Do you guys have pouches or bags to hold your handheld devices? The convo continues on TWITTER!

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