Villains That never quite got their comeuppance. (Spoilers!!!)

August 4, 2014

You guys all know by now that movies are kind of my thing. You know that I watch all kinds of movies, and you know that I am always up for seeing a new one (An old one I haven't seen) or even going back and watching old favorites! However, there is one big thing about movies that really really irks me. It's when the villain seems to get off super easy. That drives me crazy!! I'm going to highlight a few that still eat at me.

-Veronica Mars The Movie: Even if you haven't seen the television series, they put this character in the movie. I'm of course talking about Madison Sinclair, THE Queen of Bitchiness. The fact that she survived all three seasons of Veronica Mars, to actually show up in the movie, ticks me off, But I took a deep breath and dived into the movie because I knew she was gonna get it! Then when she showed that tape! and then came back at V with a snarky Comment, Oh I was ready for her comeuppance, and then what?! She just gets punched out? No! We made it through 3 seasons of her bitchiness, and we waited 9 years for this movie, only for her to get just punched out?! I don't know about anyone else, but I was expecting her to be knocked up with like 8 children and a no good husband, and struggling to make ends meet. I expected her to have contracted Herpes, and been stuck pining after Lamb for the rest of her pitiful existence. Punching her lights out was not enough... Gia got SHOT! And she was the nice one!

-The Mummy: I think I'll make this a two parter. First Part, Benny. Benny Benny Benny, have you no shame? He leaves O'Connell unprotected in the heat of war. He is leading "those damn yanks" into danger that he knows is there, just for cash. (Honestly, there really is more to the world than money. I promise.) Then he joins forces with Imhotep as well! He's a total betrayer, I wouldn't trust him to breathe the same oxygen I do! He might set it on fire or sell it to the highest bidder! Yes, he gets trapped inside a tomb full of treasure, eventually to die by being eaten alive by scarabs. But O'Connell tried to save him! There is only so much compassion I can muster and share. He should have been eaten by the scarabs before he got to the tomb, he shouldn't have even been allowed the pleasure of seeing all of the bounty.

-The Mummy: Part Two. Imhotep, Imhotep,Imhotep. He lasted through the ages didn't he? Two movies, and a cartoon series. Technically, the definition of a mummy, is a dried out corpse, wrapped in bandages, that does not arise from the dead and go on a killing spree. They generally stay in their sarcophagi and go on about their after life business. Why couldn't he do that? I mean the girl that he kept "trying" to bring back was dead, why wouldn't he just die and join her in the afterlife? (Yes, the movie would have only been like a half of a hour if that happened but still. He didn't get what was coming to him either. I am a firm believer of putting out into the universe what you want to get back...BUT sometimes, KARMA TAKES TOO LONG!

-Pokemon: Indigo League: Damian: I don't know if you guys have seen this particular Pokemon episode. This is the one where they discover Charmander chilling out on the rock waiting for his trainer to come back for him. I feel like Damian's attitude is incomprehensible. The whole point of Pokemon, are that there creatures that share the same world as you do, and if you love them and treat them with respect then maybe just maybe they will return that love and respect, and become your incredibly adorable friend, that could potentially kill you if they become too excited. NOT to abuse them until they are FORCED to create a thicker skin in order to win battles. This pathetic excuse of a "trainer" just left his POOR Charmander sitting on a rock, in the RAIN! If the flame on their tail goes out it's lights out and what does Damian do? He LAUGHS. HE FUCKING LAUGHS. Brock should have punched his fucking lights out. I don't give a flipping fuck if Pokemon isn't real and it was just something some guy created, they are living beings, and there is absolutely no room in my reality for their abuse!!! NONE! And yeah, he got set on fire and electrocuted, but in my humble opinion he still hasn't gotten what he deserved, they should have carried his ashes in a bag and set them in the corner of a jail cell for him to rot for the rest of his non-existent life.
(Pokemon, Animal, Human, ABUSE IS NEVER ACCEPTABLE *Topic for a later tangent*)

 *I'm sorry if you guys think I'm crazy or psychotic or whatever, but these characters here, really pissed me off, like to a whole nother planet. They created way too much pain, not to experience it for themselves. Plus this is my opinion (on my blog, sorry not sorry.) *

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