The Handheld Mistress #26: Bioshock 2

August 8, 2014

 So, I've finally gotten a chance to set up the PS3, and I've been playing Bioshock 2 pretty frequently. You all know how I feel about first person shooters, but Bioshock, is like everything I like wrapped into one. It doesn't even give me a headache. I do wish that the hacking mechanism was a little more difficult, a little more like solving a puzzle. Other than that it's perfect! I've even started to learn how to move around smoothly without running into things, and my aim is getting better!
 What is up with those little girls? They are so adorable , and so terrible scary at the same time. Why do they carry around a huge syringe draining corpses of their Adam? When I was that age, I couldn't even look at a dead body, and here she is dragging me all over "utopia" sucking corpses dry. What was I doing with my life back then? I could have been a video game character. I feel like I am too "soft" to be playing video games like this. They gave me the option to harvest or save the girl. I actually attempted to harvest the girl once, and she screamed and cried, and I had to look away, and then I went on a little further and the game froze!      That was enough to let me know never to do that again!
  I've really been enjoying this game, I play it every time I've got a free segment! It really surprises me how much I am actually enjoying a first person shooter?! It was always just in that list of genre's I wouldn't have been interested in or games that I just instantly skipped over. The past year really has opened me up to things, I wouldn't have necessarily tried before. It's showed me that I should be more open to the video games that are out now, but I'm sorry, Sport's games, that I don't get to interact with  I.E. (Jumping around like an idiot swinging my controller in the air like it's a tennis racket.) Then I won't be interested.  It's been challenging trying to learn how to play, but the most difficult thing that I've come across so far is the battle between Delta (me) and Big Sister (The knocked out character to the side.) She was jumping around all over the place, like freaking spider-man. It was really irking me, so I set her ass ablaze and then she was a lot easier to take down, thankfully, even though I saved the girl, she still gave me enough Adam, to be able to buy the ability to use incinerate (The ability to set bitches ablaze.) Another thing I really like about the game is the aesthetics and the background music, it sounds amazing, Like I'm literally rolling around an underwater Chicago, in a flapper's dress enjoying the roaring 20's.

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