A change of scenery #1

October 12, 2011

I once read somewhere, that people like bloggers with an issue that they want help solving. Like its interesting to help solve other people's issues. Well I guess my blog is just about to get a little more popular then. I have some huge news to share with you guys.
 I am in the process of getting an apartment. Yep, my very own place. I've never had one before. Every place I've lived or visited, has rules. I am so very tired of rules, at the moment. I've been "tossed out" of my childhood home, and honestly, it really was just time for me to get out. I was just starting to clash with the other inhabitants, and  as much as I like to talk shit, I am definitely one to avoid confrontation when it comes to my parents and my family.
 I didn't move right away, because I went straight to college, but since that is no longer a viable option, My own place it is.  I'm torn. Half of me is excited about my new opportunity, the freedoms and complications of having my own place and my own rules. The other half of me, is scared, and sad and nervous to be leaving my family. Especially my younger sister. But it is just something that needed to be done.
  I AM super excited to be taking a tour of one of the apartments I'm interested in tomorrow!! Plus spending time with my favorite guy, tomorrow, is going to be a good day. I am all settled in, so I plan on uploading a quick little video on a halloween tutorial soon.

 Well I have a big day ahead of me fellow readers.


Mistress Spokhette Out..
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