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October 13, 2011

 Ok, so I don't want to point any fingers or put anyone in a "box", But there is a huge disconnect when I tell someone that I listen to rap and knit.. (honestly, I think its because people asssociate knitting with elderly people) Sad but true. As a friend once unceremoniously told me over a text message.

Me: Don't laugh! Knitting is relaxing, and its a modern craft!
Friend: Yeah, totally! (sarcasm) It was modern when Moses Ran track.

I had to admit I laughed but that's what people think about knitting, Kinda sad I know.  My point is, it is very normal to listen to an array of music when you knit, knitting is so calming that you can listen to practically anything, and everyone has a different interest in music. Take Meredith for example, Her kntting playlist consists of Nat King Cole, Fred Astaire, Frank Sinatra and Blossom Dearie.  These particular link/videos are songs I like from these particular artists.  I like listening to them, as much as the next person, But I can't listen to them while I'm knitting. See, When I knit, I am so calm and collected that if I'm not careful I'll fall asleep.  Which is why I need music of a different nature. So without further a do, here is my playlist.

Ms. Sharky-Get you done
Dumbfoundead-Are we there yet?
Eminem- Mosh
Epik high Ft. DFD and MYK
Mac Miller - Frick Park Market
D-Pryde- Mc 2011 showcase
Drake- Congratulations ( His old stuff is killer)
Lil wayne-Wasted ( Mixtapes, are the only way I can take him.)
Childish Gambino (Donald Glover) - Freaks and Geeks
Lola Monroe- Turning me on remix.

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