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October 5, 2011

 Welcome! I have huge news to share!! I am going to be participating in a craft show in november!! I still have 2 projects to finish before I can seriously get to work, But I just got so excited and inspired I could help but show you guys a few sneek peaks.

 I am working on some top secret new accessories for the craft show. If you guys have not been on my facebook page in a while you may not know. I have been accepted as an official vendor at Colerain Township's Artisan Crafts Fair! I am very excited/nervous. It is my first craft fair, and I want it to be as close to perfect as I could get. So I asked around Twitter...And Got a response from the crochet queen Twinkiechan herself!! I nearly fainted..I probably would have had  not been so interested in what she wrote me.
 She gave me loads of great tips, So I have a feeling It will go well. I also found a blog called the nerdy nook. She's so adorable! and such a great inspiration. When I first started crocheting, all I could do was squares and totally uneven shapes. So My time was spent making uneven purses, and hair accessories... I feel like I should get back to my routes now, that I can make an even square. And that's what I plan to do with these new accessories!  I'll start adding them to the shop soon, be sure to look out for that shop link.

mistress spokhette out.


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