Tactical Tuesdays #9

October 30, 2012

New Music:

Cher Lloyd: Superhero

Celeste Buckingham: Run Run Run

Pink: Blow me 

New Blogs:

Can You dig It?: the exploits of Cherokee, a writer who has her head on straight slicing through Many things: Like whitewashing, and plus she's my newest follower. I highly recommend reading her. 

Grimmricksen: another Feminist writer blogging about her life, and she has the coolest badge known to man and I can't wait to put it on VSS.

The Poppie: Personal Style Blog 

Things that I want:

- My OWN PS3. Its only 200 and I will buy it for christmas, They're also selling a xbox 360, for even less than that...I've never really been a fan of xbox, but I kind of want to get it, because I have a windows phone and they connect and everything, but the phone will probably only last two years, if that with my track record, I just don't think it would be a good investment. 

Green and Cream Satchel

- A '95 Lebaron.

- My first sale~!

Mistress out,


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