Halloween #4

October 23, 2012

Hello Readers! Today, we'll discuss Power Girl. Power girl is the Earth-Two counterpart of Supergirl and the first cousin of Kal-L. Superman of the Pre-Crisis Earth-Two. The infant Power Girl's parents enabled her to escape the destruction of Krypton. Although she left the planet at the same time as superman, it took much longer for her ship to reach earth. She possesses all standard kryptonian powers, Belongs to the Justice Society of America and is the Team's first chairwoman. She is Ranked 9th in the 100 sexiest women in Comics.

- Pirate boots with Heels (Blue) 

- Cape (Red)

- Long Sleeved Turtleneck leotard with Peephole (White)

- Long Gloves ( Blue)

Mistress Out,


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