Overlooking a junkyard and Getting Fiberge'd.

October 1, 2012

Hello Readers!!!

  Today was a fun day spent with my mom and sister, running around doing some fun errands. One cool thing about me is that I love thrifting. Out of my family, I am THE ONLY ONE that does. No one else seems to have the patience to thrift properly. This has been proven once before. But today, my mother decided to have a girls day at .... a junkyard.
  I'm totally cool with spending my day at a junkyard. One mans trash is another mans treasure. So I was incredibly excited to go to one for  the very first time. Unfortunately, it did not turn out the way I wanted it to. So we arrive at the U-pull & U-pay to find that there is a $2 fee per person to enter the junkyard. I see no problem with this. They are a large lot full of broken down cars, full of options for people who are having trouble with their mode of transportation. It is only $2 and even if you get the wrong part, you can bring it back within 31 days for a store credit. Of course my mother was hearing none of this and we took our business else where.
  Elsewhere being A goodwill. This goodwill makes me laugh sooooo hard. When you shop at goodwill its to get a quality product at a cheap price, or something that people no longer wanted that could be used by you. Now that the definition is out of the way. It makes me chuckle, because when we walked in, it was the size of a closet. This was the most expensive goodwill I'd ever seen. This is Goodwill. Why in the WORLD is there a bag for $38?! I could have just BOUGHT THE BAG! I kind of felt like going up to the manager, and ask them if they were aware of the fact that they were a GOODWILL! Cool Fact tho: Old Time painted Vigilante.
( How cool is that?)
 We went to Graeter's and I got three scoops of my favorite flavor of ice cream where my mother and sister got coffee chillers. 
Then I discovered. Fibrege'. Which if you aren't in the know is this COOOLEST yarn shop I've ever experienced. 

It had the coolest atmosphere I'd ever experienced. When I walked in, It was calm, there was a circle of women knitting in the middle and discussing a pattern. It was like heaven. They had an entire room full of yarn ON SALE!!! I literally had to use every fiber of my being (see what I did there?) to leave there and have only spent $20. The yarns I did get, Are super Fall-y, and I plan on using them for a free-form cardigan of my design. 

Mistress Out,


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