Halloween #6

October 25, 2012

 Hello Readers! Today, we'll be discussing Zatanna. D.C.'s resident Witch and magician. The daughter of the over-protective and amazingly gifted master Magician Zatarra. Known for her childhood connection to batman, her involvement with the justice league, her re-imagenment for young justice.  She holds the number 4 spot in 100 sexiest women in comics. Personally, I love her relationship with Robin....(I'm just sayin')


- Tights (Black)
- Jacket w/ Coattails (Black)
- V-Neck Blazer Vest (White)
- Hooked Cane (Bamboo)
- Top Hat (Black)
- Leotard (Black)
- Wig (Black)
- Gloves (White)
- Bowtie (White)


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