Handheld Mistress #7: Cheating: Sneak peek #2

May 13, 2012

Apparently I am a trend setter at my house. My entrance into my own gaming, started on that fateful day, my mother let me venture off into gamestop while she was in Micheals across the street. They had this pearly pink D.S. Lite for $80. I know as soon as I bought it, I was going to be stuck like this forever, and it was so true. Now, I have a D.S.I. which I bought myself and am still waiting on gamestop to get a copy of Catherine in so I can play it. My whole point its, this started my gaming blog, this started the ability for me to buy games for myself by myself, but every now and again, it is nice for others to do the same.
  About a month ago, My dad got his own game stop member card!!!  He bought Soul caliber 5 for my sister, and the sneak peek below. I can't wait to play it!!! It's only my favorite game title of ALL TIME.

I can NOT wait to play it, I have a feeling my father is waiting on grades to give it to me, so I'll make sure to put it back properly after this entry. Don't forget to check me out on Gameinformer.

Mistress Out,


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