My Date with D-Pryde.

August 19, 2013

HI Gang!

About a week ago, I drove up to Columbus, for a concert. I went to go see D-Pryde at Skully's Dinner. Now according to my GPS, it was supposed to take approximately one hour to get from my apartment to Skully's dinner. So, I packed my purse, and headed out. It took me approximately two and a half hours to actually make it to my destination, considering I got lost on the way to columbus and ended up in London, and then I finally made it to Columbus and then got lost on the way to the theater.

 By the time I actually made it to the theatre, It was almost 830! I was freaking out, because the flyer said he came on at 7, but he was the headlining act so I was just in time! Before he went on he was just hanging outside talking to people like a real person! It was the coolest thing ever! Then he went on stage and the place was so small I got to be right next to the stage!! We were so hype! We were all jumping around and enjoying ourselves, He grabbed my hand, and we swayed together to one of his songs, it was epic! There were two Asian girls in front of me, he kissed her hand and she fainted, I'm pretty sure she'll never wash that hand ever again!
  He did a few songs off of his new ALBUM, not mixtape people. HIS ALBUM! He finally made it! Canal and Richvale, I am a huge fan of Nightmare.
You can get his album on Itunes. He had special hats that were only on tour, and he is so cool that at the end of the concert, he had a meet and greet, and he signed my hat, if I didn't have to drive home I would have most definitely would have fainted, and someone told him, that I had taken the day off and he gave me a hug, I swear I was on cloud 15. This is like the 3rd one this year with someone famous! I'm moving up!

 You can also see the video from the Columbus Meet and Greet on his instagram, if you guys don't know who he is, please check him out, he deserves the praise! 

Yours Truly,


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