Welcome to August!

August 3, 2013

This year is going by so freaking fast! I can't believe it, Where was this speed, when I was a high schooler trying to get rid of the horrible institution, where was this speed, when I was practically salivating to be out of school, its soo crazy that my life has been passing me by like this. I've been working on making better uses of my time, but it hasn't been going so well. But you guys don't read this, for my uncool life, so without further to do the to do list! ( I'm soo glad that this heat wave is over. I was ready to murder somebody and now everyone is safe.)

- Get moved into the new place: We finally got the application approved on the new apartment! Now all we have to do is get moved in!

- Finish up the business cards, for my latest business venture.

- Finish catching up on television shows before the new seasons start:
 - Gossip Girl
 - Doctor Who
 - Pretty Little Liars
 - Bates Motel
 - Hannibal

- Revive Handheld Mistress: I have lots of ideas, its just transferring them to paper thats the issue.

- Start Networking more. Blogwise, business wise and the whole nine yards.

- Give Vulcan Sugar and Spice a makeover. ( It's in desperate need)

- Get back into the groove of knitting and crocheting again, not for profit but just for fun.

- Bring Youtube back from the dead.

Do you guys have any plans for August? I'd love to hear about them! Feel free to leave them on twitter or down in the comments below.

Yours Truly,



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