Adventures With Spokhette #10: Over The Rhine

February 22, 2017

Hey Gang!

 On Valentine's Day, Alex took me on the most romantic trek downtown in search of nut free chocolate. I wrote a lot about our adventure the day of, but there were absolutely so many pretty things that I just couldn't fit into one post, so I decided to make it two. This one is more photogenic, and full of the places, and murals that we got to see and explore on our journey.

 I was so pleased about this amazingly framed picture of Music Hall, that I had to include it, even though we started at Findlay Market! I've written about it before, it's starting to become a favorite. While exploring the market, I happened to realize that there poke'stops all over the area. So we went on a little adventure through Over The Rhine, that is where most of these photos are from.

 I also stopped into Idlewild Woman because I guess you guys can guess my aestethic. There wasn't really anything in there that jumped out at me except the beautiful Blue and tan dress, and a beautiful mauve notebook on the desk. The dress was $140, it's beautiful, but I just couldn't justify the purchase, but man, the dress was absolutely ethereal. We stopped into a few more shops along the way,  including Sweet Petit and I got a lemon and blueberry cupcake. They specialize in Small desserts and sure I pretty much inhaled it, but it was so delicious! They create great desserts and the woman at the counter was the nicest. She answered all the questions I had, and allowed me to photograph the shop! I fell in love with these Mat and Nat bags that are vegan and absolutely adorable. They had this laptop bookbag version, and man I wanted it!

 I thought the picture above was Marilyn Monroe, but it turns out that it is Rosemary Clooney, A legendary Cabaret Singer! I had absolutely no clue, my mother actually told me before I began to write this! She's from Maysville, KY! Alex also bought me two plushies for Valentine's Day, A Jirachi and a Victini. As you know Victini is one of my favorite pokemon, so much so that she's a tattoo. I was very pleased with my gifts!!

Other than all of the little hipster shops that I was dying to shop in, we chose literally the worst day to window shop. Was that the area was full of building Sized Murals that were just absolutely stunning. Some were kitchy and pop culture based, but also some were about the city's history, and you guys just know how I love that, so I dragged Alex all around the area, so I could photograph them. Even though he has his own street in Cincinnati, Ohio, I literally didn't know who Charles was, it was so cool to look at this mural and then go do some research about him later. Getting out and about is a great way to learn about your city and local history!

 One of the super neat places we visited was Holtman's Donuts! A local Donut Shop full of delicious and unique donuts. Alex got a Red Velvet donut, with Glaze and Fruity Pebbles, a maple donut with bacon on it, and I got a plain glazed twist. I'm not very adventurous when it comes to donuts, but I could still respect the thought and creativity that not only went into their shop but their products as well.

 All in All it was a great day out had by all. I would absolutely love the opportunity to spend an entire day out there just exploring and seeing what I can get into. I'll have to organize a day to do that soon. 

Are there cool local shops in your area? Let's Fangirl all about them on Twitter!

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