Adventures With Spokhette #8: Sandusky, Ohio

February 6, 2017

Hey Gang!

 You are probably noticing that there was not a youtube video last week. You are correct. My real job came calling and I was unable to complete my video before I began my business trip even though I really wanted to. So, I packed up my camera so I could film in the hotel, but then I realized that the internet in the hotel left much much much to desire. So I filmed a few videos, but was unable to upload them, so you will see them sometime this week, because I am finally home.

 Since my real job, follows a teachers schedule, right before the schedules start up again, we have a ginormous meeting for our photography district and I thought since the hotel is also used for Colassalcon, that it technically fits into what I write about here.
 I spent most of my time working on content for next week, photographing my surrounding and playing Cards Against Humanity with my fellow co-workers, and having a bit of Karaoke at Hot Dog Tim's Tavern. (I'm 90% sure that is NOT the correct name of the bar.) I've played C.A.H. quite a few times over the last couple of years, but have never been very good at it, however this last year, something has definitely changed. I had no less than four cards won for both days playing, which is absolutely bonkers for me, so I was very excited about it. We even played with our boss's Boss, that was a unique experience, I highly don't recommend it.
 Driving up, I took 71 straight and it was a decent drive, but super dark. I had charged my phone all day before I left, but of course it was close to dying before I reached my destination. So I had to pull over in Mansfield, which turned out to be the drive to the prison (lucky me) and pull my charger out from my suitcase in the back seat. I left about 8 and didn't arrive until after Midnight. So when I got my room key, I definitely just crashed. We had three days of meetings, teaching us cool stuff about our jobs for the new season, and then we had a team dinner, a team lunch and an awards banquet.
 The hotel is Africa themed, so there is a ginormous fountain and pond in the front, full of ducks and geese and there are lots of these awesome statues of animals, which I thought was pretty awesome so I photographed them. I felt super glamorous at the awards banquet, and I even won a couple of rewards for my work which made me feel even prettier if that makes any sense. On the drive home, Google decided to take me straight down 75, and I went through Dayton, which I think was my first time, and there were so many things that I wanted to explore, but I also just wanted to get home and rest. I passed three graveyards, that I didn't get to explore, so I was very upset about that, and I stopped to have some sonic, because there isn't one anywhere close to me, and I just had to have some. I tried their boneless wings in the parmesean sauce, a regular tater tot, and their chili cheese tater tots, which is one of my favorite things.

What are some of your favorite restaurants when you travel? Let's talk about it on Twitter!

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