Welcome to 2013!

January 1, 2013

 We did it guys! We survived 2012! To celebrate: I'm going to show you my list of goals for this year and the goals I have for next year, and then I 'm going to see how many things I completed!!


-Lose 70 pounds.
-Get My license.
-Get my apartment.
-Stop Procrastinating!- I did a little better this year, but next year I wanna delete it completely.
-Bring the shop back from the dead and actually make it work this year.
-Complete all the projects  I didn't in 2011. Tehe, There are BUNCHES!
-Expand My Makeup Collection.
-Expand My musical tastes/Collection.
-Attempt a yarn bombing. (I would like to try Someplace no one would expect like OTR, or PH, or Even NXS! That would be hilarious!
-Get My hair Shoulder length by the end of the year.
- Buy Playstation 3


- Lose 30 pounds.
-  Get My license
-  Buy My Car
-  Complete all the projects that are piling up in my apartment
-  Attempt a yarn Bombing.
-  Upgrade my camera from a sony point and shoot to a Canon T3i
-  Move somewhere else. 
-  Start up dance classes again
-  Find someone to date who can keep up with me. 
- Road Trip To California with Robyn. 

What are your resolutions for the new year?

Thanks for reading,
Mistress Out, 


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