Clothing Haul 12.28-01.03

January 3, 2013

 I know I haven't really done any style and fashion posts in a while but I am here to tell you I am back. I  did a little clothing and accessory shopping and I am so excited to show you guys what I got. 

 High Heeled Green Gym-boots $36 from Bakers

 Lace back and Pocket T-Shirt 2.50 Vanity

 Polka Dotted 3/4 Sleeve Mini Cardigan $14 - Body Central

   Overlay of the Land Dress $25 Modcloth

 Season of Mist Dress $25 Mod Cloth

 Ruffle + Lace T-shirt $.42 Vanity

 Spaghetti Strap Bodice $16 Body Central 

Lace Back Vest $12- Body Central  

 Grasshopper, skip and jump bag $12 Modcloth

 This is the Box the ModCloth Products came in, I love their Packaging!!!

As Always thanks for reading, 
Mistress Out, 


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