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May 26, 2015

Hi Gang!
 I just popped in to tell you awesome people that there are some things for sale in my shop. I am trying to declutter this summer and make some extra money to put towards the blog which is awesome for you! I wanted to bring attention to the fact that the shop is open and running, people were emailing me off and on wondering when it would be back up! IT IS!
 Inside the shop you can find:

- Video Games: The games range from Playstation 3 to DS and 3DS. They are games, I have completed, or games that I am finished with, and they deserve a good home, why not with you?!

- Board Games: A year ago, I attempted to try something different and bought two table top games, these games are in Mint Condition, and all pieces are there, some of the pieces are still in wrapping. These table top games just didn't capture my attention the way that video games do and alas, there is no room for them in studio.

- Yarn: I'm actually finishing up tons of projects that were in the middle or just plain left behind and that is leaving me with a lot of yarn I am not using, I plan on destashing very soon, and you will find all the yarn at the shop. All yarn will be sold with original packaging or label. There isn't any partial skeins of yarn in the shop. I will keep those and use them for projects. I just wanted to let you guys know that the yarn in my shop is not used at all. Honesty is the best policy right?

- Comic Books: With my huge re-emergence into Comics, I wound up buying some duplicates, and starting stories that I'm no longer interested in, and therefore I need to start making room in my long box, for the awesome stuff coming in June (Black Canary Hello!) I already sold Ms. Marvel, they're going faster than I expected, and I wanted to make sure that my Glorious readers at least got the opportunity to grab what they wanted first!!

You can find all the awesome mentioned above here at my shop! All transactions are through Paypal, and everything is shipped with a tracking number!

Hope to see you guys soon,

Same Bat Time. Same Bat Channel,


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