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May 19, 2015

Hi Gang!
 I'm getting a late start to this week, but I have been so busy you guys! I interviewed two gamer ladies, and am in the middle of putting together a third interview with another lovely Nerdy Shop owner. I discovered this thrift shop w/ furniture and I swear its my favorite place to be now! I bought a leaf table, it comes with two so it can sit up to 12 PEOPLE! Then, I got the most adorable antique chairs with a harp on the back of them, and a small antique yellow night stand, to go next to our brand new bed, the Watchtower, is under massive upheaval/ re-organization.
 I sold my Ms. Marvel #1 from the shop over the weekend! So geeked, I'm going to start putting up more and more stuff, so make sure you go and visit so you don't miss out! Over the weekend, I bought Jet Set Radio, The Sly Collection, Hercules, Crash Bandicoot and Sonic Adventure from the Playstation Store. I am so stoked about having these oldies but goodies on my PS3's hard drive! I spent the entire weekend finishing Sly Cooper #1, I had it for the Playstation 2, but never got further than a level or two in Mz. Ruby's Lair. I was very proud of myself. I finished it, with
minimum raging, and absolutely no research! I got about as far as the introduction of Cube and Combo in Jet Set Radio before Ragequitting, I haven't picked it up since, I'll probably do some more during this week when I'm off, or this weekend,
since I have a 4 Day WEEKEND!
 I scored a complete Mame Emulator, and Thousands of Roms for it, so I'll start doing some retro gaming and writing about that too. Technically, I am a retro gamer, since it's very rare for me to buy a game as soon as it comes out, ya know my wallet just won't let me, that's besides the point. There's a version of Magical Drop on there, that I'm literally itching to play, I'm being an adult though, and making sure all of my blogwork is done before hand (see what I did there?)

What have you guys been up too?! I want to interact more with you guys, so comment, or hit me up on twitter!

 Same Bat Time. Same Bat Channel,



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