5 Fandom Monday: 5 nerdiest things I've ever Done...

May 25, 2015

Hi Gang!
  I've been a part of the FGB community on Google for a while, but I never got around to participating in the 5 Fandom Friday Posts, because I usually only write two posts per week, and very rarely do they fall on Friday. I really want to start participating because the topics are epic, and so, I have decided that I will do them on Monday, only a couple days late, but that way it fits with my schedule, and you lovely readers won't be soo confused!

1. My Professor Layton Tattoo: It is still (to date) the only tattoo I have. I am a huge Professor Layton fan. I own every game, the movie, and all the soundtracks. THere is just something awesome about an archeology professor traveling the world with an "adopted" child/protogee teeming with chivalry and respect and solving mysteries. If I was a cartoon/video game character, that is definitely how I'd like to spend my time.

2. A "split-decision" trip to Motor City Comic Con: MCCC was held in Novi, Michigan, (8 hours straight) other than the trip for Alex's Family Re-union in Washington State, it was the farthest I've ever driven. An old girlfriend and I were in the comic book shop and as we in the check out lane, I happened to glance to my side and saw one of their cards lying there. I was ready to go as soon as I saw Walter Kroenig, but she wasn't convinced until she saw Norman Reedus. We literally went home with comics, packed our bags, worked two more days and then shuffled into my car and hit the open road. Since, we were going to be there only Saturday, I wasn't concerned with Pre-ordering tickets, even though, I'd always made sure to do so in the past. Once we got into that ticket purchase line, it was over, I ordered the tickets while standing in line and then we went to go pick them up. The Full post can be found here.

3. DDR Club: When I was in high School, I was an activities coordinator for my local library. I decided that we should have a Dance Dance Revolution Club that would meet every Monday. I loved that game soo much, I had almost everyone for the PS2 and I used it every morning to work out. I think this is definitely the most nerdy thing I'd ever done, and it only had three members not including myself, they were all guys and it didn't really last that long. I think we made it two weeks.

4. Superhero inspired hats: When I was starting College, (surprisingly) I had a lot of free time, and I used it to crochet. When I met Claire, she taught me how to Knit, and that took over. But I loved crocheting hats. I made a bubblegum pink aviator hat, and the attraction was lit. I was making hats for everyone that wanted one. I was a hat making machine. It got to the point that I wanted to start making nerdy-related ones. I made a Hulk, Booster Gold and Pikachu. They just went to family members, I was going to sell them but Etsy seemed to be teeming with Crocheted hats, and I couldn't see room for me.

5. Finishing Magical Drop 3 in Arcade Legacy: There is this awesome one stop shop arcade in town called Arcade Legacy. They have a game in the back corner that I literally just happened upon, and I was so addicted. The first time I played it, I was with my cousin and little sister and we were probably there for four hours, and I just kept playing this game, I was so engrossed in it, that when my sister was tapping me on the shoulder, people were leaving by the droves, the store was closing, and here I was still trying to beat Story Mode. When I left that night, I had six levels left. I continued to come back and attempt to beat it, it was the only game I played. When I finally completed it, two weeks later, I had a whole photoshoot, with the credits rolling, every time I pass the arcade I stop in for a few rounds of the game, and have faithfully been looking for an emulator/mobile version ever since.

For others that are late like me, what are some of your favorite nerdy past activities? We can talk about it on twitter.

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