Lions, Octopi, Anchors Oh My!

May 1, 2015

Hi Gang!
 Last Weekend was so busy, I haven't even been able to fit writing about everything in one week! On the 18th, My mother, younger Sister, Bri, Alex and I went to go see The Lion King! My mother is a huge fan of the arts, and every time anything even remotely interesting comes to the theater, we go. I do have to say that The Lion King was definitely one of my utter favorites. Zazu broke the 4th wall often, the music was glorious, the special effects MAN OH MAN! I totally understand why it is still one of the top grossing Broadway performances of all time. I also understand why its still on-going! They must update it every time a new Disney Movie is released, in this performance, Zazu actually started singing Let it Go. My life was complete and my thirst for good comedy was quenched. It had me singing the entire soundtrack all the way until I went to bed around 3 a.m. If you have the opportunity to go see it, please do! It's freaking amazeballs! Even though, it was Saturday Night, Alex and I had no problem making it safely to Downtown, or even finding a parking space. We were able to get there early to take some outfit photos for the blog, I'll be doing more and more of those, since the weather is nice, and I can have more selection of backgrounds then the one clean spot on a white wall in my house! It also gives us more of on opportunity to get out and explore our community more, mwahaha, maybe even get Alex a bike so we can ride around together. I don't think I talked about it on the blog but about a week ago, I purchased a Schwinn FairHaven Cruiser in Buttercream, and it is so freaking adorable. It's incredibly easy to ride, and I've actually been using it to get to work. A healthy bit of exercise and I look adorable doing it! A win-Win combo to me.
 My younger sister purchased a selfie stick, which she took to the show and there are dozens of Group Selfie shots (Doesn't that defeat the purpose of a selfie?)  that will pepper my Instagram and Twitter timelines soon. I wore a dress I picked up from Sourpuss Clothing (Thanks @daintysquid for having it in your side bar, I never would have found them otherwise!) After the Musical, We headed to Bdubs, and gorged ourselves Traditional Wings, and ooey gooey Cheese Wedges! I absolutely adore my new dress! I instantly fell in love with the octopi and anchors! It's the perfect mix of 50's style and nautical design.

Dress// Sourpuss Clothing
Shoes// Unionbay Lace Oxfords

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