Cinema #7: Avengers Age Of Ultron (SPOILERS!!!!!!)

May 5, 2015

Hi Gang!
 This weekend seemed to BE the weekend for Nerds! Thursday/Friday Release of Age of Ultron and then to be followed by #freecomicbookday! I was so active this weekend, I am just plum tuckered out! But I saw Avengers twice premiere night and then Sunday, and we had to do a later one, because the one we wanted was actually sold out!I have enough awareness to write about it! So without further ado, heres what I did and didn't like about the film. In case you missed the title, there are SPOILERS! Please be aware, if you haven't seen it yet.

- I'm a little confused about how Stucker came into command of the staff in the first place? I'm just assuming that it was smuggled out in the destruction of Shield/ Hydra in Winter Soldier.

- I am a huge fan of Thor's flying in this film. As a comic book reader, I love seeing him twirl it before it tosses him into the air. *geek alert*

- I absolutely love Black Widow's New suit!!!! I think it looks way better than her first/original suit and I love that it comes with electromagnetic Baton sticks!

- I felt like there was much more comedy this time, the first one was funny, but AOU was almost teeming with hilarity.

- I felt like it was really stupid for Tony to leave his suit in Sentry mode, and then just walk around a newly raided warehouse all by himself, with no weapon.

- I adore Widow and Banner's relationship. How he is literally the top in his field, but misses every cue that is thrown his way. Plus, the fact that she has a lullaby to turn him from Hulk to Banner is the epitome of adorableness.

- I also want to know how Strucker was able to come into possession of not only Loki's Spear, but also an ENTIRE Alien/Metal Robot/Monster Vessels things that the Chitari were coming out of in the first one. Who is in charge of Inventory for Shield, because they really suck at their job!

- I am both Happy and Sad about the Wakanda Tie- In's.  This is Black Panther we're talking about here, there is no way, that if a thief got branded, that T'Challa was just gonna let him leave with billions of dollar's worth of Vibranium... C'mon NOW!

- I was a huge fan of the scene where they are all sitting around talking about Thor's Hammer, and then he gets super nervous when Cap moves it an inch. I was cracking up.

- I loved Stan Lee's Cameo, how they had to carry him away, talking about Excelsior.

- I wanna know what worked for Ultron to become alive? What was so special about Test-77?

-  I thought Ultron's first suit was super creepy! It was disturbing, I dunno if it was like motor oil, or blood but how his footsteps look foot prints, and how there were dozens of strings hanging. they did a great job of making him super creepy!

- I almost felt a little sad for War Machine, when his story killed at everyone else, but not with Tony and Thor.

- I freaking loved how sassy Ultron was! It was really great to finally see a villain with his own personality (albeit, a foundation from Starks). It's kind of true what they say, A hero is only as good as their villain.

- I thought Ultron's escape through the internet was freaking brilliant!

- It kind of pisses me off that Literally Stark fucks up three times, and gets away with it each time. The creation of the bombs that killed Pietro + Wanda's Parents, then the creation of Ultron, THEN AGAIN the creation Vision. Aish, He is literally the reason, the movie has a villian, but he just gets to ride off in the sunset in an audi car? Bullshit, I wanted him to be accountable. I also want to know why it was NOT discussed about His bombs, it wasn't even brought up again after Wanda explained it to Ultron.

- I had a few favorite One liners from the movie:
 Go To Sleep, Go to Sleep, Go to Sleep!
 Order and Chaos are the Same
 Only when I create a murder-bot
 Unbearably Naive, well I was born yesterday.
 Multiplying like a Catholic Rabbit.

- Renner Ruined Hawkeye for me. I liked how they tried to make him a likeable character with a backstory and family, but by then it was too late, and I saw him as one dimensional.

- I love the flashbacks into their lives. I want to know why they didn't do a Black Widow movie, it's not like they aren't going to make money off it, and there are dozens of little girls starving for representation Marvel, DO YOUR JOB!

- I wanna know why Cap's words didn't stop Tony from Creating Vision. I mean, it's not like he hasn't lived it! Every time, someone tries to stop a war before it starts, countless PEOPLE die. This movie only gave me more fuel, for my "I hate Iron Man" mobile.

- I love when they are on the floating Salvage Yard and Quicksilver attempts to grab Thor's Hammer. That expression he had as he was flying through the air was beyond hilarious.

- I love how Hawkeye's wife asked Stark to look at their tractor. It is literally the OLDEST tractor alive. It is the mother of All Tractors!

- I was a little scared of Scarlet Witch, I was really worried that they were going to mess up one of my favorite characters, but Elizabeth Olsen did a great job! Plus, she had points about certain characters the whole movie, and I was a little annoyed how easily everyone but the Cap ignored her.

- The line that Tony has when he's convincing Banner into creating YET ANOTHER robot with A.I., and he says that they are monsters, that they are mad scientists. NO, you're supposed to be heroes, not gods. Quit trying to stop trouble before it gets here, why didn't he listen to Cap, he would have been saved a lot of trouble.

- My favorite character has to be Quicksilver, (This Version is SO MUCH BETTER than DFP) His boyish Charm, Good Looks, and the genuine love and concern for his sister. I hate that he died. I hate that after everything that they go through, Quicksilver Dies and Iron Man, gets to go off into Glory. I also hate, that even though Helen Kim can create tissue, and Thor is the God of thunder, but they couldn't keep him alive?! Another huge issue for me, is DUDE, You are at TONY STARK's LABORATORY, why did he NOT have Bullet Proof ANYTHING?!

 Over all, I enjoyed the movie. Even with all my grievances with the movie, it kept my full attention, so much so I had to go see it a second time in order to write this. 4/5 Stars!
What did you like and not like about Age of Ultron? Comment Down below, or Hit me up on Twitter.

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