Comics Roundup #19: My 8 Favorite Comics of 2015!

December 30, 2015

Hey Gang!

 I'm back with more end of the year goodness. I will keep this short and sweet, because the video games post definitley ran a little bit long. I know some of you are wondering about the end of the Comic Palooza list, DON'T WORRY its coming! I was going to slate them for this week release but I decided to push them back a bit so I could give you guys these awesome lists, so it will finish up the week after next and then we'll be onto new comics books for the new year! Just like with the games post, I don't have them in any particular order these are just titles that I thoroughly enjoyed this year.

Mystery Girl (Dark Horse): Even though it didn't start until closer to the end of the year. I am in LOVE with this series. You follow a girl named Trine, who can solve any mystery you bring her way, except how she can do it. The only Sidewalk detective, you know the adventure is bound to be good, especially with her heading off to Siberia to find Wooly Mammoths.

Batgirl (DC): Gail Simone is a master. Her writing is bar none. When Batgirl got a new creative team I was concerned I wouldn't like it. I shouldn't have fretted, Brenden Fletcher has become one of my favorite writers in the short span of a year. Babs Tarr, my favorite artist, under Dustin (Little Gotham will never be forgotten. ) I love how much lighter the story has gotten. It's just an easy read and with the art and the delightful new characters, I hope this Batgirl is around to stay for some time.

Gotham Academy (DC): Also written by Fletcher, this mystery solving duo in a boarding school crack me up! Its like batman, Nancy Drew and Scooby Doo all rolled into one, what more could you ask for? Olive is a diverse and unique girl trying to uncover the mystery of her mother.Let me know if Maps is you're favorite too. She is an adorable underclassman with a huge imagination and an even bigger curiousity to explore the mysteries of her boarding school. I mean, its even got ghosts! Plus all the cameos? Batman, Red Robin, Damian, it goes on and on!

Monstress (Image): A MUCH Darker story than the ones mentioned above. Monstress follows Meika a hybrid with disabilities as she tries to stay alive, stay out of slavery and solve the mysteries of where she comes from and where she's supposed to be going. The art is one of the most glorious I've seen splash pages this year, and the story is just starting to get good. Issue two was released last week and I hope everyone went out and go it, I can't wait to see what occurs in the new year.

Zodiac Starforce (Dark Horse): Waiting for more Sailor Moon Crystal? Still haven't gotten your fix? Well look no further than this story! Its got all the color, more diversity and all the magical girlness that you are missing from your life, Plus more space and astronomy signs then you can shake a stick at. The characters are adorable and well rounded, and even though the story has just started, I already have a favorite and look forward to more adventures in the new year, plus the villians are serious, and an actual challenge for our heroes.

Bombshells (DC): Based off popular art series of the same title, this comic series features a portion of DC heroines that you may know and love, but is severly lacking on the diversity. I love the art and the story, all DC heroines being gathered up by Amanda Waller to be used as part of a female military operation during World War II to fight Nazis, but DC has a HUGE roster of Female characters and a lot of them are not being used. I love the way the title started and I'm hoping into the next year they will expand the diversity of the characters being featured. Still a great read though.

A-Force (Marvel): I was so excited when this series started, the first all female Avengers team? How could you say no? So many women were featured on the front cover I was so excited to see more. Although the (Secret Wars Prequel) series has ended they will release an ongoing series later in the year. I'm hoping for way more characters to be featured in the story, and even though Marvel seems to be the forerunner for diversity as of lately (Captain America, Thor, Miss Marvel) A-Force falls flat. The characters that run the story are all main ones you've heard of before no one new, and Miss America (Latina) gets tossed out of the story within the first two issues.

Silk (Marvel): I've never been a huge Spider-man fan before. I've watched the cartoons, I've seen the movies, but I never read the stories. I tried Spider-woman and that was just terrible (Looking at you Bendis), so I had kind of gave up on it. Until I saw Cindy Moon! She's so adorable and close to Peter Parker, and able to fit into the main story line without having to create their own universe (Ahem Spider-Gwen) Plus, I just marvel at the diversity featured in this comic. I love that they continued the series after its (Secret Wars Prequel) because I wanted to see how Cindy was going to do against other villains than just Black Cat. I ABSOLUTELY ADORE THE CUTESY ART!!!

What have you been reading lately? Did you have any favorites from the year before? Tell me all about it on Twitter! Lets Talk Comics!

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