September 18, 2011

 Hello lovely readers, I know I'm changing a whole bunch of stuff on you. But please bare with me. It won't be for very long, and once I get everything just the way I like it, I'll stop being so ridiculous. Speaking of Ridiculous. *enter Etsy*
 I've had an etsy shop since the summer of my freshman year in college. To make a long story short, they deactivated myaccount without my knowledge and then when I sent them an Irate email, They simply stated that it had been inactive. So I create another one, planning out how active I'd have to be to keep it open, it was closed within the hour, their excuse this time was that you cannot have more than one shop registered to one person. So I waited a while, and tried again with Mistress Arachnide and it lasted a good 2 months. I logged on this morning to find that it had been deactivated. Again with no warning. I had a business plan for my shop on etsy. I had a ledger, I had a new design, and new business cards, I was doing new things to garner attention and was getting direct traffic and all this hard work is for naught now. I'm just really upset over the whole ordeal. I will not be working with Etsy again, in ANY CAPACITY!
  All of the blogs I enjoy have etsys. I won't be purchasing any of your products from there. if there is a more direct way of buying them from you? Short of just showing up at your doorstep I'll be taking that approach. But As far as I'm concerned from this day forward, Etsy no longer Exists.

Mistress Spokhette


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