Liquidation means all the lace I can get my addicted hands on. (picture heavy)

September 27, 2011

 So, after picking up my*way too cool to be seen with me* younger sister, my mom and I took a chance and went to Jo-ann's. 
 and they were closing up shop. They were having a liquidation sale! Everything in the store 75% off! Even the fixtures?! Patterns for .8 cents! How could we say no. Sohere is my ridiculous haul! I saved like $135!

These are all the patterns I was able to pick up. The close up is one my all time favorites.

  I cannot wait to start sewing again, I have soo many ideas swirling around my head about what I can do with all this new fabric. and all mylace?! I got like 8 different colors. 7 are see thru and the 8th one is actual fabric!! I just have so many ideas!!! and so little time!!!!

 I blog about my little shopping list, and then I have 2 requests for camo kilts?? Idunno but I am really liking this little bit of popularity!! 

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