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September 11, 2011

 I just can't believe that August is gone. Ha Of course I'm johnny come lately.  It's already the 11th, and I'm just now getting on the ball with getting this blog into shape. Molding it into What I want it to look like... When I first switched over to Linux, one of the big things I would be missing was Microsoft paint.. Yeah I know serious graphic designers are shuddering all over the world. I'm not a graphic design major. Nor did I attend ANY photography classes. This is as good as it gets. I was worried when I switched over, I wouldn't be able to do anything other than surfing the internet.
 But I feel like I am able to grasp a touch beyond the basics of GIMP. Which is the graphic manipulation program that came with my linux mint v.10 operation system.and I adore it! I make all of my photos,  banners, and ads using this program and its great!! So, if you are looking for something new try them!
 So here's my to do list and my new banner!
  • Create my own blog buttons for people to grab and use on their blogs. 
  • Finalize the designs for business cards Black + White, and Color.
  • Create a Blogroll.
  • Start D.I.Y. Tutorials
  • Catch up on 6 tutorials
  • New items for the shop
  • More Outfit posts
  • Take more pictures
  • Offer Free ad Space
  • More Pinback buttons
  • Create a sale soon
  • Picture tour of my craft storage.
  • Introduce Glimpse and Glimmers
  • Have a yard Sale.

Hopefully, I can gete some of these things finished this month. Wish me Luck!




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