The Steelers are through and I'm crocheting my way to a baby.

September 22, 2011

 I've got so much to tell you!! This week has been so full of interesting things. Opportunities, weird events, finished projects. OMG so much to share!!! First things first. I finally finished Tina's Steelers scarf. Complete with pocket. Here are some pictures. 

I also attempted to sell at the flea market on Tuesday, I have gone through the proper measures and now have a booth there. Mondays,Tuesdays, and Fridays from 10 am- 3:30p.m. Where I will be Selling inventory and other things I've created. As I said before I am no longer using etsy.  I do however need to avoid unwanted male attention. Had a guy the same age as my dad come up to my booth in the very beginning. Had all the creeper attributes. 1. Touched my hair. 2. Called me baby. 3. Told me I was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. 4 and told me that he liked me very much. I avoided him for the rest of the day. You see a great many interesting people at a flea market.
 Training boxers on bicycles,  Hermets with Gandolf sticks, and police officers pulling folks over near handbags, and gucci shirts. I even got this great purse for $5.50. Finally a purse that can actually hold everything I need to take with me without like I created it from a grocery tote.  I mean this thing is HUGE, full of pockets. Large enough to hold my yarn, actual knitting needles and my laptop! Seriously, I may not even need a bookbag when I go back to school in the winter.  Here are some pictures of my bag. I am totally in love with it.  The pictures with orange are what the purse looks like, But I liked the pink so you get those pictures as well ha.

 Been watching Star Trek much more often as I needlecraft. I finally got to season 2. Now on episode 5! I  loved the first episode. They explained pohn fahrr, which I'd only read about in downright filthy fanfiction stories. *my guilty pleasure* Is it perverted of me to say that I wish it was Lt. Uhura who had gone to check on Spokh instead of Nurse Chapel?  
  Finally, a visual representation of my plans for this weekend!!

This properly shows the secret pocket I put in Tina's Scarf. It also shows the colors I chose for shawns Baby blanket which I started on about an hour ago and the books I got from the library. 
Vinyl Princess, Princess Plot, and The reformed Vampire support group. All three books are pretty sustancial in size, and I haven't read in a really long tme, so I am looking forward to it. The last book I got from the library was Damosel by Spinner, I'd read her other two books, Quiver and Quicksilver, which I adored, So I had hoped this one would fall in line, but I was unrevoccably disappointed, I returned it without finishing it. 

Mistress Spokhette

  P.s. Wanna laugh? Check out these youtube videos they made me giggle all morning. Good girls , Study Hard and I'm not cool Comment if you agree with me that Gzee is FREAKING ADORABLE.
Goodnight readers.


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