Thinking of Fireworks in California with Monae Dreams

September 14, 2011

 Soo, it is 2:21 a.m and I've just gotten back from the Katy Perry Concert!! I really enjoyed myself. Janelle Monae Played my favorite song! Granted, our seats were like nosebleed times infinity,  people on the other side of the row, the row in front and in back kept leaving for beer breaks, it reeked of alcolhol. It made my nose burn, and we had to wait for mrs. Perry for almost a half an hour, I think it was well worth it... There were a few things, that made me grind my teeth, but it's a concert, that always helps.
 I wanted to get a souvenir, I did NOT want this to be another New york, So I took my sister down to the table and we looked around. Janelle Monae opened the show, yet they didn't have a SINGLE lick of items for her. That kind a pissed me off.  My Souvenirs, Then my sis and I showing off our tickets, and then finally shots from the show. There will be more, when I get them off my other cam. But I'm off to bed lovelies. Talk to you real soon!

Mistress OUT


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