I'm at the end of my rope.

September 2, 2011

 Usually I am a very patient person. I have a calm aura about me that I am extremely proud of. Sure it took almost all of my 20 years on this earth to cultivate but Still I got there in the end. However, today I believe I may have reached the end of the rope I designated for School Stress. Confusion with the fafsa has already pushed me back to where I can't even start this semester. Like I said I have patience.  I was finally coming to terms about the measly four months I have to wait for school. But My School goes by semesters. A fall, Winter and Summer term. If I had started on time this semester I would be a sophomore. Since I've been there, Every semester our fafsa has been sent into verification..

 There I said It. I cannot stand Verification. Because it's basically filling out the same information you did when you filled out your taxes, and then the same information you put on your fafsa. ONLY TO PUT IT ON ANOTHER ^%&%&W(@W)#!*(*@WRP(WUTR  SHEET OF PAPER, that the government will PROBABLY LOSE! AGAIN. I just don't understand how you are a government facility, and you lose paperwork. It's Paperwork, that's your  FREAKING job.  We put pertinent, important and PRIVATE information on those forms, how dare you put our lives, and identities at risk? You don't see any "government officials" losing their information in one their "databases". It just pisses me off to high heaven.

Going to Play house of the dead to get rid of some of this energy.

Mistress out.


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