AIYAH! Welcome to November Edition

November 5, 2011

Aiyah! I can't believe its November already!! I am only slightly freaking out. I am very proud of  myself. My craft show is. in. four. days. There is still a bunch of things I still need to do, before it gets here. As You have probably (not) noticed, I am starting to update, and remodel my little slice of heaven. I am working on getting a domain name, but that is a very slow process. The reason I enjoy using sites like blogger and tumblr is because when it strikes my fancy or becomes a necessity i.e. stalkers (You know who you are) I can just go to options and change my url. You can't do that with an actual website. ( Which sucxks by the way)
  Last night was our fam halloween Party, not a very good turn out, but I was surrounded by fam and friends so that's all that really mattered. I got to take pics with my sis! and Dad actually waved at me. So success was felt last night!



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