So Disappointed...

November 16, 2011

This makes me super upset to announce. But I am an idiot. I can admit it, and admitting you have a problem is the first step right? The weekend of Samhain, I purchased a mini Diana lomography camera and film during a Victoria Secret excursion with the girls. I was so flippin' * I promised my grandmother that I would stifle my profanity, and I am not sure if she reads my blog, so unfortunately, I have to censor myself. Just in case* excited. 



I took photos that entire weekend like people took breaths. Unfortunately, this was my very first film camera. Since all of my friends are artistic in some way shape and form. I decided that I would Ask Sarah, since she was on the trip with me, if she would help me load it. So She shows me how to do it, said all I had to do was follow her instructions and I could snap away. Snap Snap Snapping away I did, I took pictures of EVERYTHING that weekend.
 Unfortunately, I did not think to make sure that the film had wrapped itself around the winding cylinder...Which meant all those cool amazing photos I took that weekend are lost forever.
-Emu pretending to eat her dead butterfly
-Photos from Matt and Guerin's Party.
-The beautiful Landscape photos
- The multiple exposures and mixed frames I were working on.
All gone in a puff of smoke. I have no one to blame but myself at the moment. And It just makes me ill all over.
 Fortunately, I got it resolved earlier yesterday morning, and Miss Diana is ready for takeoff. I keep her in my purse right next to my sony so I dont miss anything. I know I'm not going to get those pictures back, and that hurts, but as my cousin said today, Thats 30 pictures that you don't have now, but 30 pictures of space you do have. I love how optomistic she is about everything.

Just thought I would let you guys know whats going on. Speaking of other fails.
-Went Bowling with Josh. AHMAZING. But had so much fun, that I took no pictures. (epic fail)
-Took 2 days to get my cousin an application Eric kept letting me leave without it! (Garha!)
-Covered 2 shifts, and they keep calling me in for more. I'm being nice stop taking advantage of ME!
-No Thanksgiving dinner with fam this year. * It is what it is*
-Lately I have had pain in both knees, my fingers, wrists, shoulders and calfs * Arthur is trying to get me and I rebuke him in the name of youthfulness!
-Both My sister and Josh are bad elephants. Gianna even claims she has early onset alzheimers lol

Mistress Out,


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