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November 12, 2011

 I know I said I would be doing more fashion stuff soon...But I just haven't had the time. I work all day and then I knit and then I come home and I sleep, and then I do the whole thing all over again. So unfortunately, I can't upload any super cute styles, or even makeup tutorials yet. But don't worry, the time for those will be arriving shortly! I can tell you what I have been up too on my off day!

  • Went to Golden Corral for Breakfast with my sister and my mom. It was DELICIOUS. 
  • I went up to the Mount to pay my school bill, so I am cleared for Classes in JANUARY!
  • The adorable Samantha commented on Back to the roots post. 
  • I got a new journal.
  • Received The handmade Marketplace by Kari Chapin in the mail!
  • The amazing articoli commented on Back to the roots pos
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