Whats in my bag?

August 5, 2012

 Hey Readers!! Today, just because I was bored, I decided to show you guys what I carry around with me on a daily basis. It took me a minute to finally find the perfect bag, I carry so much stuff with me, that I was having serious back pain. But on a chance trip to the mall. I saw this super adorable Mini Backpack. Big Enough to carry Everything I need and more. My tablet and Laptop Fit in it!!!
My brand New Bat-pin.

Yoshi Mini-Backpack from Spencers.

Everything in my Bag!

Close up of my new Totoro Headphones.

 Hello Kitty Change Bag, Ipod and headphones

Bankbook and Phone

-Blog Notebook: Ideas, post drafts everything for VSS is in there, and my cute feather pen

-Mustache Wallet: Money and cards

-Hello Kitty Change purse

-Ipod 80 gb

-My Neighbor Totoro Headphones

-My Green DSI

-Banking Notebook: How I keep track of finances

- My cell phone

Not Pictured




-Over ear Headphones (Pink and White)


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