Learn About Me: My Top 10 Bands

August 31, 2012

 Hello again Readers. It's that time again to learn all about me. I've noticed something recently that I've been having trouble coming up with things to write about for VSS and I think its because I'm trying to fit this amazing mold put together by the amazing blogs I read.  One Sheepish Girl, Love Elycia, Little Chief Honeybee, Keiko Lynn. But I can't, I'm totally putting the horse before the cart. So I've decided that I will just write whatever feels good to me, and if people like it then GREAT, and if not well, then, I guess they decided to find someone cooler to read I guess.

 So without further ado.

1. Epik High (2003) 
Their new album comes out next month. I'm soo excited!


2.  Rooney (1999) Robert is HOOOOOT!

Shakin' .

3. Paramore ( 2004) 
I liked their old stuff, but since making music for twilight/Transformers, they've gotten kind of poppy.


4.) Heartsdales ( 2001- 2006)
Two awesome sisters that knew good hip hop.

Candy Pop.

5.) Breaking Benjamin (1998-2010)
Got me through some crazy rough times at high school. 

So Cold.

6.) Papa Roach (1993)
I own every album on my Ipod.

Getting Away with Murder. 

7. No Doubt (1986)
It's Gwen Stefani, how can you go wrong?

Just A Girl.

8.) Florence and The Machine (2007)
I'm going to dance around in a little poncho. 

The Drumming Song

9.) The Like (2001-2011)
Scott Pilgrim Vs The WORLD

Wishing He was dead.

10.) Weezer (1992)
 Rivers Cuomo Need I say anything else? 

Say it ain't so. 

That's all for now.
Mistress Out, 


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