Introduction: The Nightwing

September 20, 2012

 I'm an adult now. Or so people keep telling me. In becoming an adult, you have to do adult like things. Such as getting my own mode of transportation. Usually I would just take the bus, but the trek from my apartment to work and back is almost unbearable on a bus with more people then there is room! So hence My solution, I already tried to take my drivers test, but I need a car with a working horn and right now I can't afford to get that because I keep spending money on the bus. So what would an adult do? The most likely answer would be get a loan. But I am a CRAFTY adult, and that my dear friends in the difference between me and everyone else in the world. People thinking inside the box, while I think out. I've been scouring the web for used mopeds and motorized bikes, that are street legal without a license. I've found several, your mission lovely readers?? Help me choose which one is the best fit.

Gas Bike $250

Garelli $250

Puch $350

1980 Jawa $300

So which bike is most deserving of the title Nightwing? Leave your decision in the Comment Box.

Mistress Out,


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